Saturday, 1 September 2012

Enzalutamide - Have You Seen the Price ?

Now that Enzalutamide has been FDA approved for prostate cancer treatment post chemotherapy it will be launched as a competitor to Zytiga - But have you seen the price ? $7,500 dollars per month ! How can that compete with Zytiga at $ 5,000 per month. Surely the manufacturers of Enzalutamide now marketed as "Xtandi" need to set a price lower than Zytiga in order to compete, and to come up with a better name !. With the dose of Enzalutamide being only 160 mg per day then they could undercut Zytiga which is used at 1000 mg per day. The cost per kilo of enzalutamide works out at $ 1,562,000 per kg, whereas Zytiga is $ 167,000 per kg and so Enzalutamide is considerably more expensive than Zytiga. It will be interesting to see how well Xtandi competes with Zytiga in clinical use.

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